Jessica Hendrick

For fifteen years before her divorce, Jessica Hendrick was a self-described”full-time mom.” Challenged with overcoming many battles in her life, Jessica succeeded and put her life back together for her family. However, her greatest battle still lay ahead: the battle for her life.

Jessica had breast cancer.

During Jessica’s course of treatment, she developed an infection following reconstructive surgery to remove her left breast expander. She sought the advice of her wound care specialist, Dr. Hina Rizva, who advised Jessica that she needed an extended hospitalization. Together, they determined that Vibra Hospital of Richardson was the right fit for Jessica’s recovery.

“My recovery has been influenced most by the way I’ve been treated at Vibra,” Jessica stated. “The staff has prayed with me and for me, and I feel my faith has been strengthened during my stay.” Jessica thanked all the staff “for being so friendly and caring” and offered special thanks to Tracy Penny, Belinda Nyahanana, and Miriam McCauley.

“My greatest motivation for recovery is my kids,” Jessica shared. For her, success means overcoming all the odds and struggles she had to endure on this journey.

Jessica looks forward to returning to her kids and putting cancer in her past. Her goal is to do something to challenge people in her situation to have the faith she does. Jessica believes we go through and face battles in order to help others.