Jimmy McCallum

When Jimmy McCallum began having issues walking, he knew it was time to see his doctor. Jimmy visited his primary care physician, who diagnosed Jimmy with a urinary tract infection and started him on antibiotics.

One day not long after that, Jimmy laid down to take a nap. But when he woke up, Jimmy couldn’t get up. So he called 911, and an ambulance took him to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano. The doctors treated Jimmy and sent him to a rehabilitation hospital, where he spent three weeks regaining his strength.

Two months later, Jimmy returned to the hospital. A CT scan revealed a massive abscess from Jimmy’s thigh to his abdomen. He underwent surgery and had a wound vac placed. Jimmy faced an extensive recovery, requiring extended hospitalization. He transferred to Vibra Hospital of Richardson, a critical care hospital, for the next phase of his recovery.

At Vibra, Jimmy received IV antibiotics, wound care, and therapy to accelerate his recovery. He chose Vibra for several reasons, including its location, good reputation, and his family’s familiarity with the facility.

Jimmy credits Vibra for having a significant impact on his healing. “There is good care and good people at Vibra,” Jimmy stated. “They have an amazing staff and were all friendly.” Specifically, Jimmy recognized Tracy, Naomi, and Anne for being outstanding.

Though surrounded by supportive staff, Jimmy also needed to find his own motivation to work hard. He drew on a desire to get home and get well, specifically so he could attend his daughter’s graduation from Stephen F. Austin State University.

And that’s exactly what Jimmy plans to do.

“I’m excited to be able to go to my daughter’s graduation. She’s going to be a teacher,” Jimmy said, beaming. “I’m also looking forward to getting back to my normal lifestyle and being able to do things out of the house again, like playing Farkle with friends, men’s breakfast, and church.”