Johnny Staggs

Retired life was good for Johnny Staggs. He lived in Odessa with his wife of fifty years and remained active, enjoying working around the house. Johnny and his wife have two daughters, one in Odessa and one in Austin, and they enjoy spending their free time with their grandchildren.

After falling at home one day, Johnny sustained injuries that required hospitalization. He admitted to a local hospital before transferring to Medical City Dallas for surgery on his hip and knee.

Following surgery, Johnny and his wife had to decide where he would continue his recovery. Reviewing their options, Johnny and his wife met with Trisha, a clinical liaison from Vibra Hospital of Richardson. After learning what services a critical care hospital like Vibra offers, Johnny and his wife decided he would transfer to Vibra.

“My recovery was definitely a group effort,” Johnny stated as he reflected on his time at Vibra. “Everyone included in my care took pride in what they do.” In addition, Johnny noted that Dr. Zaid stood out as someone who “genuinely wanted me to succeed.”

“Dr. Zaid really pushed me to participate in my recovery process.”

Though Johnny didn’t have his family present to motivate him, they still served as a driving force in his recovery. “I kept telling myself that I needed to get better so I could be back home with my loved ones.” Johnny defined success as returning home and getting back to his everyday life.

Johnny looks forward to returning home to his wife and spending time with his family, including catching up with his kids after being away for several weeks.