Minaxiben Kheni

On an ordinary day, Minaxiben Kheni enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren, chasing after them with boundless energy and tending to her immaculately clean home. Unable to stand a messy house or unclean clothes, Minaxiben took pride in her independent lifestyle and household management.

But everything changed suddenly when a car accident brought Minaxiben’s world as she knew it to a screeching halt. She found herself rushed to the trauma ER, facing multiple fractures to her ribs, tibia, and fibula. As a result of her injuries, the once-independent grandmother now struggled with even the simplest tasks.

Recognizing the need for specialized care, Minaxiben’s family made the decision to transfer her to Vibra Hospital of Richardson, a critical care hospital. They knew that at Vibra, she would receive the acute care necessary to regain her upper body strength, manage her pain, and work towards her ultimate goal of regaining independence.

Minaxiben’s journey at Vibra was marked by determination and small but significant victories. The staff’s constant encouragement and praise for even the smallest milestones became the fuel for her recovery. Under the guidance of exceptional therapists, Minaxiben learned to transfer herself using a slide board, a skill that would prove invaluable in her path to independence.

During the time Minaxiben spent at Vibra Hospital, she made tremendous progress. Her family specifically recognized Ashley, Mae, Tori, Jennifer, Dr. Zaid, Dr. Cho, as well as the entire nursing staff and therapy team, for playing a pivotal role in her recovery. Their motivation and support became the cornerstone of Minaxiben’s recovery.

Driven by the desire to return home and resume her daily walks with her husband, Minaxiben pushed herself in every therapy session. Her definition of success was clear – to regain her independence and return to her everyday life. This goal-setting process became a powerful motivator, helping her envision an ideal future and pushing her to work harder each day.

As Minaxiben’s strength improved and her pain became manageable, she found herself more capable with each passing day. The progress she made at Vibra prepared her for the next stage of her recovery – inpatient rehabilitation.

Looking ahead, Minaxiben is excited to return home, to be in her own room, and to gradually resume the activities she once loved. Her journey from a car accident victim to a recovering patient on the verge of returning home is a testament to her resilience, the quality of care at Vibra Hospital of Richardson, and the power of determination.